Multi-Cervical Unit

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Many people suffer from chronic neck pain due to degenerative changes, whiplash injuries, as well as disc related pathologies. These problems can become very challenging to assess and treat.
The Multi-Cervical Unit is a specialized state of the art piece of equipment that allows the cervical spine to be examined objectively. It allows your therapist to assess the motion and strength within the neck to assess for pathology. Diagnosing the cause of neck pain can be difficult. Traditional methods of examining the neck such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRI can not detect weakness or stiffness due to injury to the soft tissues of the neck. The Multi-cervical Unit can detect these issues. Once the problems have been identified the Multi-Cervical Unit can be utilized as a treatment modality to strengthen this unique device and restore the flexibility of the neck.

The Rehabilitation Department of Slocum-Dickson allows your therapists to effectively measure and treat neck pain.

Benefits of the Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU):

  • Relieves neck & headache pain
  • Improves strength & flexibility of the neck
  • Creates a digital read out of Strength and Range of Motion Deficits with a comparison to normal data
  • Provides the ability to re-access for progress with objective measures.