Services Provided

James Cesare, MD

Breast Care Center Director

  • Radiology
  • Screening mammography
    Diagnostic mammography
    CAD (Computer Aided Detection)
    CT Scan
    Ultrasound guided biopsy
    Bone density testing
  • Surgery
    Comprehensive breast exam & evaluation
    Outpatient breast biopsy
    Inpatient breast surgery
    Breast sparing procedures
    Sentinel node procedures
  • Oncology
    Current chemotherapeutic regimens
    State of the art outpatient treatment room
    Latest treatment options & protocols
    Clinical Trials
  • Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy
    State of the art PT/OT facility
    Expertise with post-surgical patients
    Lymphedema management
  • Plastic Surgery
    Full reconstructive procedures
    Immediate or delayed reconstruction
    Breast and skin sparing procedures
    Breast Reduction & Augmentation procedures
    Gynecomastia (Male Breast Surgery)
  • Prosthesis Management
    Latest prosthetic wear
    Prosthesis fitting
    Full line of prosthetic & support garments
  • Patient Support
    Clinical support for patients and families
    Educational materials
    Support Group – 1st Wednesday of every other month
    Nutritional Support
    Seminars & Conferences
    Physician avaliability 24/7